About Me

My Expertise

  • Relevant coursework in engineering graphics & visualization and competent in using CAD software like SolidWorks & CATIA V5, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and heat transfer, numerical methods, and engineering mechanics.

  • Nearly, 2 years of hands-on engineering and scientific experience as a propulsion engineer at my university's rocketry team, Team Sammard. We are developing a fully-functional supersonic hybrid-propellant propulsion system to lift our rocket to the target altitude of 30,000ft. We are going to launch it in the Spaceport America Cup'21.

  • Able to work both supervised and unsupervised and can cope well with pressure and tight deadlines. 

Other experiences:

  • Experience in developing a new full-scale scramjet model and overcoming various design and complex physics challenges- from overcoming a critical issue of unstarting of Hypersonic Intake to the inertly challenging task of flame-holding in a supersonic cross-flow. After extensive parametric analysis and design modifications, numerical investigations of the new model show more than 30 times thrust and 3 times more efficient than a typical scramjet model. 

  • Extensive numerical investigation of Supersonic Retro-Propulsion (SRP) flow field and quantification of detached bow shock unsteadiness and extraction of Strouhal No for the same.

  • Previous internship experience with SimulationLab, Pune, India where I was responsible for creating 3D CAD models of multi-featured aerofoils and studying and modifying aerodynamic aspects of the designs.