Why investing in the US has given better performance?

If you had invested ₹ 4,921 (USD $100) in Jan 2010 in the SENSEX, your investment would have grown to ₹ 11,564 (USD $162) over a 10 year period. But had you invested the same ₹ 4,921 or USD $100 in the US stock market, the investment would have grown to ₹ 19,149 (USD $268). Why the large discrepancy in return performance? There are two key reasons. 

Reason 1.
The US market has performed better than the Indian market. The US stock market (DOW Jones Index for example) outperformed the Indian stock market (BSE SENSEX) over the last 10 years. In this time period, the DOW has returned 169%, while the SENSEX returned 135%.

Reason 2.
The Rupee has depreciated compared to the USD. In the past 10 years, the USD to INR exchange rate has declined by 44%. Compounded over 10 years, this has a significant negative impact towards your return, widening the performance gap. 

Because of these two aforementioned effects, the SENSEX, on a USD basis, grew only 51% over this 10 year period. This significantly underperforms when compared to the DOW JONES. 

reason 1.png
reason 2.png