• Debdoot Ghosh

Brainstorm and come out with as many problems with potential strategies to tackle them.

Cure for cancer:

There are different types of cancers affecting humanity. Most of them are incurable. Extensive and prolong research has been going on cancer, but still there is no cure for cancer available. Cancer is the untameable growth of diseased cells in the body. These old and diseased cells divide into further cells and this proliferation results in total failure of the affected organ and hence the death of the person. One possible strategy, I would like to mention, is to genetically program the DNA of the cell such that specific cell types will die after a certain time interval determined by the previous studies on healthy cells. No matter it was previously healthy or affected by a neighbouring cancer cell. I assume that biotechnology will be advanced enough to execute this within a few decades.

Single or Multi-universe:

According to our simple observations in the sky, it seems there exists one and only one universe. But, according to the latest theories and particle physics-related experiments, more than one universe may exist. Even some researchers hold the concept of a parallel universe, another universe like us but the time things and happenings are totally different from us. Most of these theories are based on thought experiments and are preliminary conclusions from uncompleted theories. We can arrive at a conclusion by more experimental works as we have done in the Large-Hadron Collider, or we should be advance enough to do inter-nebula space travels, which seems completely impossible looking at the current advancement of science and technology.

Anti-matter propulsion:

An anti-matter propulsion system or rocket is a class of rocket that will use antimatter as its source of power. Already, there are various designs available for such a propulsion system. The main reason it still doesn’t exist is the cost of the fuel, that is, anti-matter. Currently, half a milligram of anti-matter will cost billions of dollars. And the anti-matter produced, which is currently limited to particle accelerators and colliders, vanishes within a few nanoseconds. I think we should look for a different kind of device which can produce anti-matter. Advancement of nuclear fission assisted with a nuclear fusion will might helpful for the production of a substantial amount of antimatter required for the propulsion system.

Quest for Achieving Immortality:

Achieving immortality, a long-cherished dream of human beings. There is no such measure available currently to achieve it. According to religious beliefs, some ways are often discussed, but they are not possible scientifically or in real life. Some futuristic intellects suggest that in the near future human beings will be able to develop a drug that will maintain the growth of each and every cell of our body and eventually will make us immortal. Some say, our body will be bio-mechanic in which except the brain all other parts will be replaced by mechanical components. I would say, to achieve immortality we have to follow the methodology analogous to the process in which a diseased or injured person receives blood from a healthy person. Similarly, an old person can get some cells from a younger person, mostly from a young grandson or granddaughter, in his/her body. These new cells being young and healthy will dominate over the old or dying cells. Finally, the old organ will revive with these new cells, and after certain years these young cells will cover each organ and parts of the body. And, by repeating this process after some intervals, a person may achieve immortality.

Hacking Human Brain:

Hacking the human brain is a topic of great interest in recent decades. The intention of hacking a brain is similar to hacking a computer, but the methodology might be different. Hypnotizing and other physiological techniques apparently seem to be hacking or taking control of a person's brain. But, in this process, the person's consent is needed, which cannot be termed as' hacking'. I would suggest, to completely hack someone's brain one needs to develop some kind of electromagnet that interferes with brain waves (alpha, beta, gamma waves) like constructive and destructive interference of wave. These may be used to delete some unwanted memory or retrieve some old memory that is loosely remembered by the host. This method can also be used to open the doors to the >96% of the human brain.

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