• Debdoot Ghosh

How fakes are created on a living example?

How fakes are created on a living example? A few days ago, the world ran a touching photo of the MRI resonance of a mother and child. On LinkedIn only, it was shared by thousands of influencers, including Andreas Von Der Heydt. The head of a huge company. The mother kisses the child. The photo was reportedly taken by neurologist "Rebecca Saxony" and from the description we learn that the kiss provoked a strong reaction in the brain of the child and mother, as shown by the colors. In a word, beauty itself. Material for wiral. It moved me!

At first, however, I was surprised that I could not find a neurologist with this name. I found a name for it called "Rebecca Saxe". Confusingly similar. I began to analyze her achievements. I came across a 2015 text titled "Why I captured this resonance." The article is accompanied by a photo. Exactly what has recently become a vortex. However, there are no more colors of emotion on it. From the text, we only learn that the scene is rare to capture because the sound of resonance awakens children, which should be studied still. Here it succeeded, hence the photo is a rarity and a symbol. Why this is fake? Probably for a moment of joy from our stupidity.

We live in a world where the Internet is not a mirror reflecting reality! It reflects the mask of the one who bounces in it. Except that the mask does not show reality, but masks it.

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