• Debdoot Ghosh

My Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths and Weaknesses



I am confident that I can give a unique solution to any problem related to my field of interest. Mostly, my interest lies in the aerospace field, more specifically, in high-speed aerodynamics. I have been participating in various hack-a-thons and design-a-thons and various research projects. Every project-based courses I have ever taken, I got the highest grade to provide a unique solution to a problem and in demonstrating its feasibility.

Recently, the project on a new scramjet model, a hypersonic air-breathing vehicle which is meant to fly at 10 times the speed of sound, which I did under guidance o my faculty submitted an extended abstract for world's largest aerospace conference. Also, we have applied for a patent as well.


I am a member of VIT's Rocketry Team, Team Sammard; we are working on a fully functional hybrid rocket motor that will have the capability to reach 30,000 ft. Working in this ambitious team, I learned how to manage a large project, taking risks, time-management, and meeting harsh deadlines.

Volition and determination for work:

An assigned task or a project I undertake that lies in the field of interest I accomplish it with full devotion. I may fail several times but I will try again and again until I solve the problem. For example, in the case of my research project firstly I was not able to reach the optimal conditions for my engine to work, at that time it seemed impossible for me and my mentor, but later after various modifications and designing from scratch I created a patentable design.


If I have my laptop and headphone with me, I can study or do an assigned task at any place and time. I am a member of Creation Labs where five teams do their work - somebody is hammering a metal part, somebody is polishing the metal parts, students coming and leaving the hall. Working in this environment for nights, I learned how to carry on doing my job while a lot of disturbance surround you.


Having experience in different work/study environments I have now the instinct of how to avoid distractions and complete my task without procrastinating.



Public Speaking:

I am quite a shy person; I sometimes hesitate to speak in front of strangers. I know communication skills very crucial to achieve success in a career. Whenever I find some opportunity I try to work on it. I participate in many competitions like hackathons, etc. where I get the opportunity to meet new students and professionals and present my ideas.


I enjoy my own company and involve in my works so much that I find it difficult to be around others. It takes time for you to build an understanding with my peers and the thought of speaking in front of many people makes me sweat. This happened to me multiple times when I had to present my ideas in front of many participants and experts. To overcome, I am not running away from these, but trying to interact with more and more people whom I can express my thoughts.


I find difficulty in sharing other people's emotions. In the beginning, it takes me some time to interact with someone or involve in something like a group project. When I first joined my team I faced this issue. To overcome this, I am getting involve in more projects so that I can interact with more people.


I cannot stay too long with a project or an assigned task. Once I have figured the solution to the most challenging feature or a crucial component of the task, I tend to move to the next project, leaving the easy or convectional part undone. For this reason, I involve in multiple projects at a time but after solving the challenging component I feel too bored to complete the remaining part.


I am prone to self-criticism thoughts like, did I said the right word? Am I doing the right thing or just wasting time? Did my words hurt him/her? Am I able to maintain the work ethics?

To overcome this, I trying to neglect or ignore these thoughts and think constructively.


I sometimes pay attention to detail to an extent which is sometimes proved to unnecessary. This also leads to losing the sight of objective and loss of time. Also, in severe cases to enhance something I make the worse. A meek incident, I have drawn a picture that seems decent but in order to enrich colour gradients, I included more shades and colours. But, later I found, instead of making it more beautiful I made it worse. This leads to a waste of both time and effort. In order to come around this, I now try to convince myself that this is at its best, no further improvement is required.


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