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What are some BITSAT exam stories?

By Tanvangi Tiwari

I took BITSAT after our JEE results were out, and well, I was certain to not get a seat in any IITs.

I was aware that my AIEEE result wasn’t going to be great.

I am telling you this because I want you to see how much pressure I was under as I was taking the exam. I had zero hope.

So yes, when the score of 338 flashed on the screen, I was shocked. I rubbed my eyes, saw it again, and then I was convinced I’d seen the score correctly. The first thought that came to my mind was, “Oh, good. No more JEE preparation! At least I’ll get in!” (I was almost certain I’ll have to drop)

I walked out euphoric, and told my parents my score. They cried. That was their first reaction. For the first time in years, I slept well.

By Mansi Gupta Unbelievable

414… the most beautiful characters I saw on screen ever. I took a moment and closed my eyes to grasp the fact, as tears rolled down. As I was sitting in the library of BITS Pilani itself, it felt as if the room embraced me.

Having badly screwed up JEE twice, BITS Pilani was my last and only hope and hence, I was extremely pressurised to do well in BITSAT. My goal was to get atleast 350 anyhow as Computer Science was the only discipline I cared for.

Just then someone saw the score on my terminal and shouted it aloud and there was a flock of students around my terminal congratulating me while I was still in trance. Unexpectedly, there was yet another cry “430!” the group left my terminal and went in the direction of the call

By Vivek Sahu It was a cold Kota night in the month of February. Tring Tring. I pick up. My father’s on the other end. Dad-Beta, you haven’t filled up your BITSAT form yet. When are you planning to complete it? Me-I am not filling for BITSAT. I will definitely crack JEE this year. We should avoid wasting money on it’s entrance fee

Fast Forward …..21st May,2012.

I had already screwed up my JEE’s second paper(Yes , I mention ‘second’ every time) and which of course meant the JEE result(results were out by then,my rank 5000 something).

I am in Nagpur BITSAT center. Revising Arihant’s BITSAT book while others were busy bird watching or the sort(In their defense, a lot of girls were really good looking).

I had failed to score less in my AIEEE paper(ha ha,my father would never allow me to drop a year.He had made that very clear). So a poor performance in BITSAT would have meant me becoming an NITian, which I did not want at any cost(No offense intended here).

While entering for the exam, I could hear people say -“BITS is a good institute,but getting admission here is very tough.Kids need to score at least 300 to get admitted”.

2 hours into the paper,I had solved every question I could.Yes in two hours I had completed most of those 150 questions.Something is fishy. I check again.What the hell! Not many questions were left.And I had almost an hour to solve the extra 12 questions.

Now I am both scared and excited(yeah I mean confused). I decide to relax on my chair and sing a song to myself.And then another song.

45 minutes to go.I still have a lot of time.I just go through my answers again and fill up the unanswered ones randomly(yes, some obvious logic too) .

27 minutes left.I start the extra 12 questions and 11 of them are over within 5 minutes.(I was on fire,apparently)

And the next 20 minutes I was wondering whether to put a guess for that stupid chemistry question.All the four options were something I had never heard of.

I finally decided to let go.I submitted my answers with 2 minutes remaining.And the screen said: Your total score is 371 For the whole 2 minutes I was confused whether it was a good score or bad.I just did not know what 371 meant,what the maximum marks were or what was I even doing there.(Seems exaggeration…No it isn’t).

Both the students on my either side had submitted their answers too. I lean on one side and see his score:149.I lean on the other side and see:73.

And then all of a sudden I realized how amazing my exam went(Tube understatement…I agree). I just couldn’t wait to tell my father about my score.I was all quiet(Yes I couldn’t believe) while moving out of the room and very much impressed with myself.

And then I saw my father at a distance.I shouted(loud) 371 it is.The whole place went silent for some seconds.And then applause.Suddenly I was a celebrity.People started asking me questions how a reporter would ask a celebrity.Your JEE score?How did you prepare?and such stuffs…

It was definitely amongst the happiest day of my life. My dad later commented that he had not seen me so happy in a long time.I guess he was right.

By Sushant Sharma I got 309 in BITSAT. I was finally at peace.I got admission in a good college in India. I had no need to struggle with SATs and other B.S. I then went for a celebratory dinner with my parents. The restaurant manager came to meet us.

My dad, proudly,” My son cleared BITS today. We’re celebrating.”

My dad knew the restaurant manager.

Manager: Oh, that’s wonderful. Congratulations( to me).

Me: Thanks!

Manager: Oh, BTW, my son cleared BITSAT today too.

Me: Oh, good for him. What was his score?

Manager: 450

Me: Did you say 350?

Manager: No, no, 450.

Dad and I looked at each other like whaaat

Me: Uh-huh. Good for him

Manager: Well, enjoy your meal.

Dad: Yeah, thanks

The manager left.

Dad:Hey, atleast you got into BITS

Me; Yeah, whoop de day

That’s how I was brought down to earth.

Damn that prodigy.


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