• Debdoot Ghosh

What scientific photos are hard to believe but are indeed real?

  • Cut the Cancer:

This cancer cell was opened using an ion beam. The beam blew up part of the cell to reveal a cross-section and cut a triangular shape into the surface of the silica substrate it sits on. The technique, called ion beam milling, allows researchers to look inside cancer cells in unprecedented detail.

  • A high-performance boat

This boat-shaped particle is 30 microns long and can be propelled by chemical reaction. The researchers 3D printed the particle and covered it with metal. This catalyzes a reaction in the solution of hydrogen peroxide in which the particle is located, to produce a gas that pushes it.

  • Pollution and corona

Monkeys in Malaysia hold a medical mask. Protective clothing has become a part of the daily life for many amid the coronavirus pandemic. Environmentalists fear that disposable items are a major contributor to plastic pollution.

  • Clownfish

An embryonic clownfish (Amphiprion percula) grows inside its egg. These remarkably detailed images were captured on days one, three, five and nine of its development; the first was taken hours after fertilization. Photographer Daniel Knop won second place in the Nikon Small World photomicrography competition.



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